United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon

This year’s UA NYC Half-Marathon had a new running route; it was also my first time running this race. The UA NYC Half-Marathon route was from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, over the Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown, on to the FDR Drive North, up 42nd Street to 7th Avenue, through Times Square into Central Park and up the East Side to the 102nd Street Transverse, north to the West Side and finishing at 75th Street. This was a great race and a beautiful, but chilly day. Before I began this race I knew I was running it once and was going to stop and take several pictures along the way. It was a chilly Sunday morning. I was in Wave 2, Corral D, which was kicking off at 8:15am. I kept my soon to be throw away sweatshirt on until the last moment of crossing the start line.  It was an exciting run, starting out of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, running past Grand Army Plaza , Barclays Center and Juniors’ Restaurant in Brooklyn, on my approach to the Manhattan Bridge.  It was a clear, sunny day. You saw up and down the East River as I ran across the bridge.  The Brooklyn Bridge and One World Trade Center were to my left and to the right was the Williamsburg Bridge. As I descended the Manhattan Bridge and turned into Chinatown, there were so many people cheering us on, you could hear the roar of the cheers, it was wonderful! After running through Chinatown and the lower east side, we ran on to the FDR Drive Northbound, first time the FDR Drive was shut down for a run! Running north along the East River to 42nd Street and the United Nations. We headed west on 42nd Street and turned on to 7th Avenue where we ran through Times Square. From here the run continued on 7th into Central Park, along the East Side. There were so many spectators and musicians along the route, I couldn’t help but smile the entire race! Once inside the park we ran north along the east side of the park to the 102nd Street Transverse, where we turned and headed to the West Side of the park and into the finish line at 75th Street. What a great race!! I have so many wonderful pictures and at mile 9 ran into a friend I had met the day before at the UA Run Hub Experience picking up our bibs and souvenirs and we finished the race together! It was one of the best races I ever ran!!

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