New Year’s Eve Midnight Run 4 Miles

My husband and I arrived to Central Park about 11:30pm; it was cold, but not that cold for a winter night. We made our way to the staging area at Rumsey Playground where some fun events and music were playing.  After taking a few selfies, my husband and I, along with all the runners, proceeded to the starting line corrals.  The corrals began at letter A and went all the way up to letter J; my husband and I were both in letter J corral.  The air was filled with excitement, music was playing and all the runners were getting ready for the countdown to the start of the run and the beginning of the new year.

The master of ceremonies began counting down from ten; all the runners joining in. As the clock struck midnight, everyone exclaimed Happy New Year, the fireworks went off and the run began! The fireworks display was amazing, this was such a great way to begin the new year!! The fireworks went on for about 20 minutes as we began our four mile run inside Central Park.  The display was beautiful! There were water and gatorade stations, along with a DJ playing music as we ran inside the park.

After crossing the finish line, we walked back to the warmth of our car and home to have some nice egg and bacon wraps for breakfast.  Feeling good after the run, we decided we were going to join the running club and I was going to begin my journey to the NYC Marathon!!

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