Jingle Bell Jog 5K

Well this was my first race after running the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon. I felt I needed to come in under 30 minutes for this 5K. It was a beautiful, chilly Saturday morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. I had missed this race last year, so was super excited to run it this year. As you can see from my picture, I, like many other runners, were dressed for the holiday run!

The race began at 9am on Center Drive in Prospect Park, and would be ending there also. I felt good as the gun went off to start the race. The start was staggered, began on West Drive and around the lake to East Drive and the second mile, up the hill, killed it! Came up and around, back on to the West side of Prospect Park, and downhill. As I passed the three mile timer I noticed I was close to the 30 minutes. I needed to come in under this. I pushed forward to the finish line, and happily came in at 28:41 🙂 Yeah!! Got some hot cocoa at the end of the race and home to enjoy remainder of the day!

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