Gridiron 4 Miles

This was our first race since joining the NYRR club. Excited to be running with my husband again in Central Park. Although we start the race together, we don’t run together. We each run at our pace and meet up at the end.

All the runners were excited about the Superbowl. Around the three-mile mark, NYRR had two flags where runners could run under either NE Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons. NYRR would calculate the amount of runners who ran under each, to see who won, compared to the actual Superbowl this evening. It’s such a fun event!

It was a cool and cloudy day. The race began on the East side of Central Park at the 102nd Transverse, running along the transverse to the West side and over the three rolling hills. We turned on to the 72nd Transverse and back around to the East drive, up Cat hill, to where the race began. I ran in at 40:27 and my husband ran in at 59:10.  What a great race! Now home to prepare for the Superbowl!

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