Gridiron 4 Miles

Ran the NYRR 4 mile Gridiron race once again this year in Central Park. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t join me in the race this year, but as always was by my side and waiting for me at the finish line. Today was a cool and sunny day. I was determined once again to beat my time from last year. As many times as I’ve raced at Central Park, it always gives me anxiety due to all the hills I know I’ll encounter. As in previous years, once the runners turn on to the 72nd Street Transverse, there are two signs with the two teams in the Superbowl. We have the opportunity to run under either and NYRR will calculate which team received the most runners, in comparison to see which team actually wins tonight.

The race began on the East Drive at 102nd Street Transverse, looped around to the West Drive, over the three rolling hills and turned back on to the 72nd Street Transverse, where I was able to run under the LA Rams or the NE Patriots; I ran under the LA Rams! Turned back up the East Drive, up Cat Hill to where the race started, the finish line.

I beat my time from last year’s Gridiron, 37:41 🙂 Was super excited in accomplishing what I set out to do!! Now home for some Superbowl fun!

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